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Decentralized Finance is more than the wave of the future, it is a revolution of financial independance. Every ETM Bank Account is Privately held like a cold wallet with the ability to transact with others as well as performing commercial banking activities.

Personal, Home & Auto Loans

Colateralized personal, home and auto loans. No need for tons of paperwork and tax records. Execute loans to yourself and others using smart contracts. End reposessions, forclosures and closing costs with ETM Bank.

Convienience of Debit Card, Blockchain Management.

Yes, you can now bank and spend your cryptocurrency on the go. ETM Bank Partnered with BITPAY to bring you next generation banking with the conveinience of VISA/MASTERCARD debit.

We moved our websites point of sale to ETM Bank Merchant Services and totally eliminated risk of chargebacks and were able to provide our customers with a real rewards program.

Client Since 2021

I switched to ETM Bank after being dropped From Chasebank for no apparent reason. I consequently lost my ability to use Coinbase because i no longer had a bank account. ETM is an amazing resource for the disenfranchised.

Client Since 2021

ETM Bank really puts you in control! Ive learned how to bank and Invest better using ETM Bank and the tools they provide you. I save so much money on exchanges fees because there is no markup by a third party provider.

Client Since 2021

ETM Bank will change how you understand the fiat banking industry. I am Mind Blown. ETM Bank andd ETM Marketplace are amazing.

Client Since 2021

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